Cops Told ‘we Don’t Serve Police Officers’ – At A Whataburger!

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A north Texas franchise of the Southern fast-food chain Whataburger is the latest hot spot for restaurant employees with an

anti-cop attitude — and social media users are both angry and disappointed.

According to Fox 4, KDFW in Dallas, two off-duty cops working security at a construction site in Lewisville were confronted Tuesday night by a man who identified himself as the Whataburger manager who told them, “

We don’t serve police officers.”

The officers told Fox 4 they thought the man was joking at first, but when he remained silent, they left and went to a Dairy Queen instead.

It was the latest in a series of incidents that have drawn national publicity to cop haters discriminating against law enforcement in public eateries: the top executives of Arby’s were forced to apologize after a police officer was refused service in Pembroke Pines, Florida; Starbucks got splashed with bad publicity when a clerk refused to let a police officer use the coffee shop’s restroom in Philadelphia.

Still, with its Texas lineage and Southern customer base, Whataburger isn’t the place anyone would expect to find an anti-cop attitude. No one would mistake a Whataburger for a Starbucks.

Officer Michael Magovern was astonished at the Whataburger manager’s attitude.

“We’ve seen it on social media. We heard it on the news,” he said.  “You know, 17 years as a firefighter and now 13 years as a police officer this is the first time this has ever happened to me,” he said.

Whataburger executives vowed to get to the bottom of the incident – working overnight on social media to try do control the public relations damage.

“This is 100 percent not what we stand for at Whataburger and it would never be acceptable to refuse service to a police officer,” the company said in a statement. “We want to address this as soon as possible with any parties involved so we can reach out and make this right.”

Still, the company’s going to have its work cut out for it, if the social media reaction is a judge:

I love @whataburger but shame on them if they do not deal swiftly & decisively w/ the Lewisville store that refuses to serve police

— O S Hawkins (@OSHawkins) September 16, 2015

@OSHawkins @yewkalaylee @Whataburger They appear to be on top of it. This is about a shithead employee, not the company.

— Dog Commander (@DogDynastyLLC) September 16, 201

@FOX4 Why don’t we just piss off those who protect us? Sick of ppl who think it’s ok to treat them this way #BackTheBlue

— Traci Francisco (@TraciGirl11) September 16, 2015

@FOX4 @Mike_USPatriot Whataburger is better than that I hope. They have ” In God we trust” on every window.

— Becky (@nanabec2) September 16, 2015

Update: Whataburger responded to BizPac Review’s post to our president via Twitter:

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