Cool Your Jets, Liberals: The Impeachment Of Donald Trump Is A Great Idea That Is Totally Not Happening

For the sake of argument, forget collusion. Forget whom the Russians were fighting for. We know almost for certain that the Kremlin is waging an undeclared cyberwar against the United States. This is abundantly obvious. It’s a war that continues now, as you read these words. It’s not difficult to grasp that the mission of the war is to illustrate to the world the vulnerability of American constitutional democracy. And it’s working.

This can’t be repeated enough: We’re engaged in a new kind of war against Russia, with the commander in chief as well as millions of unwitting Americans serving as enemy combatants. We were attacked — bottom line.

Yet in the tsunami of coverage this week and last about the Russians — and especially now that we’ve learned Trump blabbed highly classified intelligence to Lavrov and Kislyak within apparent earshot of a TASS photographer during the meeting — it’s been more or less overlooked that Trump welcomed enemy agents into the Oval Office. While there, they appeared to interact with the president of the United States like old college buddies — the troika of co-conspirators with their unnaturally purple faces contorted in laughter, as if they had just finished telling their favorite fart jokes.

You’re probably old enough to remember how former President Barack Obama was excoriated by Fox News and the network’s sugar daddies in the GOP when he was spotted saluting a Marine while >holding a cup of coffee in the same hand. Remember the notorious >tan suit? Remember when far-right bloggers learned Obama liked >arugula salads and >gherkins in his egg salad? Remember when Obama was >caught chewing gum? Jesus H. Christ — Trump met with an undeclared enemy of the U.S. and exactly nothing has been reported indicating that Trump even mentioned the cyberattacks, much less scolded the Russians to their bloated faces. We know why, of course. We don’t, however, know why there isn’t more public outcry about the very existence of the meeting, given the war.

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Cool your jets, liberals: The impeachment of Donald Trump is a great idea that is totally not happening
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