Communication Problems Plague California As 22 Large Fires Rage On

Ralph said his operation relies on an Oracle database management system on the back end and Citrix for application delivery. The system connects with some 4,500 users via a client server network that uses a virtual private network.

Cal Fire’s resources include a suite of applications referred to as the computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system, which processes 9-1-1 calls and shunts them to the appropriate agency staff members. “The CAD system is fully redundant and fielded at 22 locations around the state,” Ralph said.

When fire incidents grow into large problems, Cal Fire switches to its Resource Ordering System (ROS) link.

ROS is a nationwide federal system with hardware based in Kansas City, Mo. Cal Fire uses redundant communications paths to connect with ROS, which in turn is fully interoperable with the CAD suite, Ralph said.

During large fires, Cal Fire relies on ROS to keep track of the various assets, such as bulldozers, helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, deployed to fight the conflagrations.

IT personnel at the on-site centers rely on an application called Inicinet to keep track of various functions, activities, resource needs and other relevant data, Ralph said. The Incinet application communicates with Cal Fire via satellite uplinks or other means, Ralph said.

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IT success: CA fire-fighting infrastructure
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