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Santa Claus, Inc. has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1952. Initially organized to provide Christmas gifts for 50 to 100 children of enlisted men at Norton Air Force Base, the organization now serves almost 250,000 and serves not only the San Bernardino area, but now all the way from Ontario to the Palm Springs an Victorville areas.

Larry O’Nan, president-elect of the Kiwanis Club of Highland, says he got involved with the Kiwanis Club at the suggestion of his wife.

“I just drove from here to work, driving through Highland but not really knowing anyone here and not involved in the community,” O’Nan told the Feb. 16 meeting of the Kiwanis Club. “My wife said I should get involved, so I visited the Kiwanis Club and decided to join.”

Since then, he has not only become an active and involved member of the club, he also got involved with Santa Claus, Inc. in San Bernardino, starting as a volunteer, then to the board of directors and then to a leadership position with that organization.

Since then, Santa Claus, Inc. has hired a full time executive director, Karen DeCarlo, and has expanded its services to a year-round operation, helping the needy not only at Christmas, but whenever needed.

The latest addition is a store room with access to law enforcement 24 hours a day so those in need may get help when and when they ned it.

There is the distribution building in front and 16 storage containers in back to handle the steady stream of clothing and toys donated from major companies from their collections of overstocked merchandise.

A spinoff of Santa Claus, Inc. is Friends of Santa Claus, Inc. that helps out with fundraisers and solicitations, leaving the sparse staff and dozens of volunteers to do the processing and distribution of donations.

They even give to many other nonprofits for additional distribution.

For more information, call (909) 885-0090 or visit

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