Cher Sounds Off On Trump's 'Cheating' & Why She's 'Not A Fan' Of Her Six Decades Of Hits

Cher’s hotel suite has an indoor swimming pool.

She has been performing at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for years, including her (try not to laugh) Farewell Tour in 2002. MGM always gave her a suitably fabulous suite. But one day, a few years ago, she stumbled on a secret.

While walking the grounds with an MGM executive, she noticed a hidden part of the sprawling casino -- a gated enclave called The Mansion, which resembles an 18th century Tuscan palace. The Mansion has 29 villas that are, she was told, reserved for high-rollers -- Middle East sultans, venture capital titans or Donald Trump relatives who can lose $250,000 in a weekend and giggle about it. These villas can’t be requested or reserved. They are for the most “I” of VIPs.

I want to stay in one of those said Cher.

Oh, no no no said the casino executive, possibly even bowing to her. We don’t do that. Not ever. Never.

I want. To stay. In one. Of those she repeated.

She met each refusal with insistence. Eventually, they relented.

Close to midnight, she’s sitting on an elegant couch in one of her MGM suite’s approximately 100 rooms, and thumbing out a Twitter message.

Jen Ruiz, Cher’s personal assistant and protector for the last 24 years, peers over her shoulder and winces. “Cher, don’t,” she says gently.

Cher laughs. The delight of doing things she shouldn’t do still resounds in her, even at the age of 71 (which she turns on May 20). “Jen, I am who I am, it doesn’t make any difference what I’m supposed to be.” It’s easy to imagine this exchange of caution and defiance happening several times a day.

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Cher Sounds Off on Trump's 'Cheating' & Why She's 'Not a Fan' of Her Six Decades of Hits
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