Bibi Should Tell Trump To Go Take A Selfie

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls on seven NFL players visiting Israel to use their influence to garner additional support for the Jewish state, at a meeting in his Jerusalem office.

“All of you are gladiators and you have an enormous following. Israel is fighting in the arena, in the battle for truth. I think the most important part of your visit is that, having seen the truth, you can now fight for it,” Netanyahu tells the players.

“I appreciate the goodwill and support and, I’m sure, determination to spread the word,” he adds.

Two players — Jewish brothers Mitchell and Geoff Schwartz — present the prime minister with two jerseys — one red, one blue — each with his nickname, Bibi, written on the back.

At the meeting, Atlanta Falcon Vic Beasley also presents Environmental Protection and Jerusalem Affairs Minister Ze’ev Elkin with a jersey of his own, though his name was accidentally misspelled “Elkins,” leading some in the room to joke that it was intentional, meant to signify that there should be more of him.

Sitting down with them, Netanyahu regales the players with the story of his first NFL game, when he was a young diplomat in Washington, DC, in the 1980s.

“I started out sitting like this” — he leans back, crosses his arms — “but by the end of the game I was standing and screaming,” he says, waving his fists in the air for emphasis.

The NFL players’ trip was organized by a group called American Voices in Israel, which brings actors, athletes and public figures to Israel in an attempt to get them to see the country in a positive light.

In addition to Beasley and the Schwartzes, this year’s trip was attended by Avery Williamson from the Tennessee Titans, Austin Seferian-Jenkins from the New York Jets, Chris Harris Jr. from the Denver Broncos and Josh Norman from Washington, DC’s team.

— Judah Ari Gross

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