Best Broadband Deal In SA Ever

8ta recently launched their Internet 5 mobile broadband promotion, offering subscribers a 10GB data bundle at R199 per month with the option of an additional 10GB Midnight Surfer data bundle (to be used between 00:00 and 05:00) at R100 per month.

8ta’s Internet 5 data promotion equates to an in-bundle data price of between 1.4c and 1.9c per MB, much lower than competing mobile broadband offerings available in South Africa.

8ta’s Internet data promotion even provides better value than Cell C’s 5GB data bundles, which were previously the best priced broadband products in the country.

What makes 8ta’s Internet 5 promotion even more remarkable is that it offers a significantly better value proposition than ADSL for 10GB of data usage per month.

To put the new promotion in perspective: 8ta offers a far cheaper 10GB product than Telkom’s Do 1GB ADSL offering.

The following table provides an overview of how 8ta’s Internet 5 mobile broadband promotion stacks up against competing services in the South African market.

It should be noted that the comparison is done for a 12 month period despite the fact that 8ta’s promotion is based on a 24 month contract. The Cost/MB is calculated using monthly costs rather than total costs.


Maximum Speed

Data (GB)

After-hours data (GB)

Total Yearly Cost

Best Cost/MB (R)

Basic Cost/MB (R)

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