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Over the weekend, the Miami Marlins confirmed that the team will be sold to a new ownership group led by businessman Bruce Sherman and Yankees legend Derek Jeter. The saga of Jeb, Jeets, and the Marlins may finally be over, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more drama ahead.

Buried in Jon Heyman’s report about the sale is this detail about the plans Jeets has for his new team:

One thing someone connected to the Jeter group has suggested will likely go: the home run sculpture in left-center field that was designed by artist Red Grooms and has been the subject of controversy.

Of course Derek Jeter, who got more mileage out of presenting himself as a Serious Baseball Man than any Yankee since Joe DiMaggio, wants to try and turn the Marlins’ park into a Serious Baseball Stadium. Fuck that! The home run sculpture is garish and endearingly stupid in a way that precisely fits the franchise and, indeed, the city. The last thing baseball needs is some two-bit franchise in Miami engaging in Yankees cosplay.

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Report: Jeets Might Do Away With The Marlins' Big, Ugly Sculpture
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