Back To The Altar

There was an unsettling time in Giants history when they were turned down by Tom Coughlin then Dave Wannstedt, and Dan Reeves referenced his two older sisters at the introductory press conference and said sheepishly: “I was my mother’s third choice.”

That was back in 1993, after the Ray Handley debacle, and this is after the Ben McAdoo debacle.

And the New York Football Giants should never have to settle for any third or fourth choice.

Once Patriots-Titans on Saturday night and Vikings-Saints on Sunday night are over, the Giants have to make their move.

He who hesitates is lost.

Enough dilly-dallying. Stop twiddling your thumbs.

The Patriots scored an easy 35-14 victory over the Titans, but a Vikings defeat would mean Vikings offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur is available to be hired.

Make him an offer he can’t refuse so he doesn’t take the Cardinals job and leave you jilted at the head-coaching altar.

If the Patriots and Vikings advance, make that wink-wink agreement with the man you covet.

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Matt PatriciaEPA

“And I think where Matt is gonna shine is building plans, convincing guys that it’s the right plan, and when there’s moments when things don’t go well, he’ll own it, he’ll have as high of a standard for himself as he will for anyone else in the room. I think that’s important. He’s a very accountable dude. When he screws up … you see that with some coaches, they’ll screw up and there’s a lot of blame shifting. [New England] has really been a place where everyone’s held accountable and I think Matt’s that kind of dude. It’s hard to explain. You just kind of be around it. Guys come and go, and I think Matt does have something special where guys can buy into what he’s selling.”

He remembers Patricia as an offensive coaching assistant, then assistant offensive-line coach, long before his rise as Belichick’s trusted defensive coordinator.

“Matt just had something about him that guys really connect with him, and I think guys cheer for him to continue to advance,” Chatham said. “I think one of the things that is really underappreciated about the job that Matt does there is it can be one of the more complex defenses out there, just in the breadth of things they do. They’re willing to do whatever they feel is necessary. It puts more stress on the teacher. … The guy who implements it, the guy that has to teach it, the guy who’s largely responsible for getting it to the best possible finished product by December, that’s Matt. That is not an easy job.”

Nor is it an easy job winning over Tom Brady. Chatham understands why McDaniels had been able to do it.

“When you have hyper-competitive people that you have to coach, that you have to be in charge of, if you’re not hyper-competitive yourself then you can railroaded a little bit,” Chatham said. “You have to be able to earn their respect. You have to be someone who can step up. Because if you’re just biding time, if you’re just calling plays and drawing plays and don’t have a similar fire, then somebody as insanely competitive as Tom, it won’t work. He has to earn your respect.”

Chatham referenced Brady’s “Tom vs Time” docu-series quote: “If you’re going to compete against me, you better be willing to give up your life — because I’m giving up mine,” and added:

“If you’re gonna coach him, you’re gonna have to be able to prove to him that you’re willing to give it all, too, and Josh is definitely an all-hours-of-the-night kinda guy, and he’s a very family-oriented dude. So to be able to pull off those things, which Tom does as well, that’s how you gain his respect.”

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