All The Ways The New 'Twin Peaks' Can Tie Up Loose Ends From The First Two Seasons

"I'll see you again in 25 years."

Laura Palmer made this promise, another vague portent, to Agent Dale Cooper in the 1991 Season 2 finale of Twin Peaks. Had the initial scheduling worked out, Showtime's revival of Twin Peaks would've premiered precisely as Laura Palmer predicted, but squabbles of the contractual and creative kind nudged the series' return to 2017.

Nevertheless, Twin Peaks is back, and now it's time to pick up the numerous plot threads left dangling after the show's abrupt ending (few of which were tangibly answered in Lynch's 1992 feature, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me). But forget about Josie Packard in Season 2, who wound up trapped in a wooden knob in Season 2; Josie's fate is inextricably linked to actress Joan Chen, who was not asked to return for the third season. Perhaps she'll be given a touching wood-chipper sendoff.

As for those who are reconvening for this surprise Season 3, there are many, many unanswered questions. In an attempt to provide clarity for the two-hour premiere, here's a brief recap of where the main characters were left hanging in the Season 2 ending 26 years ago. Please keep in mind that this was a bizarre show. Nothing in the below summary is an exaggeration.

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All the Ways the New 'Twin Peaks' Can Tie Up Loose Ends From the First Two Seasons
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