AUDIO LYRICS Evelyn Cormier’s New Song ‘Eyes’ Calls Out Her Haters

After emerging as one of the 90 Day Fiance franchise’s most criticized cast members, teen singer/songwriter Evelyn Cormier is using her musical talents to call out her detractors. In her brand new single, titled “Eyes” and released earlier today, Evelyn lashes out at these “thieves of joy” who “hurl words like stones” but are “lost like sheep.”

The song begins with “A million eyes through a glass,” which I can only assume is referring to the more than one million viewers who watched 90 Day Fiance every week “through a glass” — be it their TV, computer, or phone screen. “I can see rebels and jealousy,” Evelyn sings, “They all try to haunt me in my sleep, Limitless sin and lost like sheep.”

The next verse:

But their eyes are red

And their words like stones

They sink into my skin

Don’t stop at the bone

And they circle and circle

But they never leave home

Here’s the full song in the form of an official lyric video posted by Evelyn on YouTube:

At the time of this post, “Eyes” is not available on Amazon. But, you can click here to keep checking Evelyn’s available songs on the site as I’m sure it will be updated soon!

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to go retro by purchasing an actual Evelyn Cormier CD, you’re in luck! Evelyn just posted a video announcing that her Ghost EP is back in stock! Just DM her for details on how to get your autographed copy:

My Cds are back! Direct message me or send an email to [email protected] if you want to buy an autographed copy! 😊

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If you’re wanting to do more to help Evelyn than just buy a CD, you can sign up for her recently created Patreon account with monthly subscriptions ranging from $1 a month up to $1,000 a month — the latter of which will get you a performance by Evelyn and the band at your house or special event!

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AUDIO LYRICS Evelyn Cormier’s new song ‘Eyes’ calls out her haters
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