AP Should Start Reporting The Real Delegate Count

For most of this primary race, the Associated Press has been publishing a misleading delegate count. I don't think they have bad intent in doing this and they are trying to be as accurate as possible, but when they keep reporting the overall delegate count -- including super delegates -- they are giving a false sense of the race.

Counting the super delegates now is misleading for two important reasons. First, they can and often do change their minds. Just last week at least three super delegates left the Clinton camp and went over to Obama. Second, at this point, it appears unlikely that they will vote against the interests of the Democratic voters, so their endorsements do not indicate how they will actually cast their ballots at the convention.

If one of the candidates wins a clear majority of the pledged delegates, it is very unlikely for the super delegates to vote to override that outcome. There will be tremendous pressure from the public, the press and the party to put aside earlier endorsements and vote the same way as the pledged delegates.

Hence, giving an account of the race with the super delegates counted in as if they have already voted is very misleading. Also, it doesn't give you a true sense of how large Senator Obama's lead is at this point. Readers might be surprised to see how Senator Clinton is trying desperately to climb back into the race when she doesn't seem that far behind based on the AP count. In reality, she understands she can't afford to lose the real count - of pledges delegates - and in that count she is now way behind.

Tonight, at the very end of the night, the AP finally made this distinction (I have seen them make the distinction on a few earlier occasions, but almost all of their stories regularly only give the count that includes super delegates). With the super delegates counted, even with the Wisconsin win, Senator Obama only has a 70 delegate lead. But when you look only at the pledged delegates, he has a whopping 145 delegate lead.

The pledged delegates are the ones voters actually voted on and they are the ones most likely to determine the final outcome. So, for the sake of accuracy and clarity, the Associated Press and the rest of the media should report the real count of this election - the pledged delegate count.

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Source : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/cenk-uygur/ap-should-start-reporting_b_87508.html

AP Should Start Reporting the Real Delegate Count
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