A Prayer For The Forgotten Dead

To The Editor:

On February 19 I attended a vigil on the steps of the courthouse in Carmel to honor those whose lives were lost in the Parkland, Florida massacre. A small group of pro-gun demonstrators gathered, some of whom chose to disrupt the gathering. They shouted over the co-organizer of the event, shouted over the clergy, and shouted interruptions throughout the short period of time we were there.

One man made his way through part of the crowd, invading people's personal space and yelling. My friend held up her sign to separate herself from this man, and he pushed her.

This was intended to be a peaceful gathering. We heard from, among others, clergy who led us in prayer, Putnam County Sheriff Langley, a school teacher, a representative from Moms Demand Action who read the names of those who had been killed and asked us to repeat their names so they would not be forgotten, and a singer who led us in song by candlelight.

This was not a demonstration, a rally, or a protest. It was a VIGIL.

Who were these pro-gun activists and how is it they were organized to be in attendance? The event was posted on various Face Book groups and PTA walls. Why was a vigil chosen for their protest, and who directed them there?

Elise-Ann Konstantin, Cortlandt Manor

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