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Ricky Church reviews Transformers: Lost Light #11…


Ever since Rodimus and Megatron were betrayed by Getaway and the rest of the Lost Light way back in 

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #50, there have been a lot of questions remaining over how the mutiny took place and how much exactly the mutineers knew considering there were many characters who didn’t seem like they would’ve gone through with such an act. 

Transformers: Lost Light #11 pulls back the curtain on some of these questions by at last showing readers the events leading up to and directly after Getaway’s mutiny.

Roberts presents a good story here as Getaway recounts most of the events to an unknown party. This gave the issue a bit of an unreliable narrator, but Getaway is shown to be far too narcissistic and arrogant to make himself believe a false story. The issue actually makes Getaway a far more interesting character and an a compelling antagonist, showing there’s more going on in his mind than just a simple power play.

The answers that are given as to how Getaway accomplished the coup and turned so many loyal Autobots against Rodimus are not only welcome, but make a lot of sense in Roberts’ long tale without feeling too convoluted. Again, it helps show Getaway’s cunning as he manipulated several Autobots by not filling them in on his whole plan. The fact that none of the other bots knew they were sending Rodimus and Megatron to a potentially very painful death redeems some of them, though some other bots, such as Blaster, Perceptor and Hound, still seem a bit out of character to have mutineered like that.

The previous issue also showed just how far Getaway had fallen as it was revealed he had been mutilating some of the crew who resisted his rule on the ship. At the time it seemed like it was a move too far, but this issue succeeded in showing that it wasn’t a step too far at all for Getaway, displaying his ‘logic’ in handing over a bunch of comatose Autobots for a cruel fate while wiping the memories of many more just to secure his position.

Jack Lawrence’s art is well done throughout the issue, making each bot’s appearance distinct. He did a particularly good job conveying Getaway’s confidence and panic depending on the situation. Jonna Lafuente’s  colours complimented Lawrence’s work, making a lot of the images pop off the page while using a nice blend of lights and darks as Getaway’s morality (or lack thereof) slipped further and further downward.

Transformers: Lost Light #11 was a good issue that balanced answers and character development very well with some nice artwork featured. Roberts has turned Getaway into a compelling antagonist that you just want to see taken down. Hopefully Rodimus and the others will catch up to him sooner than later.

Rating: 8/10

Ricky Church

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Comic Book Review – Transformers: Lost Light #11
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