3 Best Christmas Gifts For Star Wars Fans

It’s hard to believe, but Star Wars has been captivating audiences and drawing legions of diehard fans for almost four decades. Much to fans’ delight, the brand is still going strong with a steady stream of films and a huge variety of Star Wars merchandise.

With the holidays just around the corner, Star Wars-themed gifts are ideal for the Jedi or Sith Lord in your life. It seems that there’s no end to the array of Star Wars items that are available, from action figures and lightsabers to books and trading cards. While this is exciting, it can also make choosing the perfect gift rather confusing.

What makes a good gift for an adult Star Wars fan—especially one who already has an impressive collection? It’s important to find something that’s unusual and unique. While collector’s items are nice, you probably want to find something that they can use every day.

The following are our top 3 gift ideas for the avid Star Wars fan!

Darth Vader Mug

darth-vader-helmet-design-ceramic-mug Whether they enjoy their coffee on the Dark Side or lightened up with a bit of hazelnut creamer, this Darth Vader helmet mug is sure to please. It’s an oversized 20-ounce mug (trust me this thing is huge!), which is perfect for those who feel like Darth Vader before they’ve ingested a proper amount of caffeine. Once they’ve drained this mug, they’re sure to be feeling more pleasant—no longer using the Force to choke people who cross them.

The helmet is rendered in 3D detail, which even the most hardcore fan will appreciate. One particularly cool feature of this mug is the removable lid that works to insulate the beverage inside. The lid fills out the top of Vader’s helmet when it’s on, but the mug is equally attractive with the lid removed.

The Darth Vader mug should be hand washed and shouldn’t be used in the microwave. It comes boxed—all ready to wrap and gift. At home or at the office, there’s no better way for Star Wars fans to proclaim their loyalty than by sipping from a Vader helmet.

R2-D2 Mug

star-wars-3d-ceramic-mug For Star Wars lovers who are Vader haters, there’s no more lovable good guy than feisty little R2-D2. Recipients of this gift will be able to reboot their systems with 8 ounces of hot beverage each morning. The droid’s shape makes the perfect mug for holding and sipping.

The raised, 3D details and paintwork on this mug bring the friendly little droid to life as he patiently waits to be filled with coffee, tea, or any beverage. The top of the mug functions as a removable lid to keep the contents hot. When it’s not in use, the mug is an attention-getting decoration for any desk or shelf.

As with the Darth Vader mug, R2-D2 should be hand washed and kept out of the microwave, lest his droid life be brought to a sad end. While Star Wars fans may debate over plot points and favorite characters, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t love R2-D2. This is a gift that’s sure to draw a big smile from someone who is looking for a fun way to let their geek flag fly high.

Death Star Kitchen Timer

star-wars-death-star-kitchen-timer For Star Wars fans, every moment is an adventure. This includes preparing a meal. What better way to count down the moments until the meatloaf is finished than by using the evil and ominous Death Star? This is a gift that will delight any loved one who enjoys cooking with their favorite Star Wars film playing in the background.

The Death Star Kitchen Timer not only looks unique and interesting sitting on a kitchen shelf or counter; it’s also incredibly fun to use. It works for times up to 60 minutes. Simply twist the top on the timer and let it silently count down. When it reaches zero, the flashing green light and explosive laser sounds will alert everyone within earshot that the rebels have been defeated—oh, and dinner’s ready. star-wars-great-christmas-ideas

These three gifts are sure to be a huge hit with all grownup Star Wars fans. They’re fun, but they’re also functional—a great way to bring a little of the Force into their daily routine.

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