3 Best Christmas Gifts For Star Wars Fans

As far as buying things that have to do with geek properties go, it’s hard to go wrong with Star Wars. Since it’s debut in the 1970s, the story of a galaxy far far away has gone hand-in-hand with marketing and product celebrating that story. This is the film franchise that sold kinds and empty Kenner box for Christmas and told kids the toys would come eventually.

But that’s ancient history, now Star Wars products are legion and no matter who you need to gift or why you need to gift, there’s a Star Wars product for you. From last year’s Star Wars product assault for Episode VII: The Force Awakens to getting hyped for this year’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, here are ten of our favorite Star Wars gifts for you and yours (yeah, you can buy stuff for yourself – you deserve it).

From newborns to 84-year-old grandpas, Star Wars has got something for and from everyone.

 The Best Stormtrooper Bathrobe

There are a couple of things that every Star Wars movie has: some sort of allusion to or appearance by Darth Vader and some sort of mindless foot soldier trooper. While no one wants to dress up like a prequel Battle Droid, the original footsoldier, the Stormtrooper, has made a comeback in coolness with Finn’s background as a Stormtrooper in The Force Awakens and Rogue One’s introduction of different types of Stormtroopers from the “classic era” like the all-black Death Troopers. This 100% cotton bathrobe shows off why the classic Stormtrooper white still rules all: white is clean! This white bathrobe says “I successfully cleaned myself to the point that none of my human filth has rubbed off on this white robe and I’m probably a horrible shot.”

This robe is blasting on Amazon for $36.81. Buy it here!

Storm Pooper/Dark Side Onesie

I’ll tell yah, I looked through a lot of baby stuff to find the creme of the crop for the parent that wants to start early with Star Wars indoctrination. Also, I have friends with young children who have gone delirious with lack of sleep. Those two mass info-dumps of Star Wars baby product lead me to this Storm Pooper onesie. Children poop a lot, and this onesie isn’t entirely original, but unlike your run-of-the-mill Storm Pooper onesie, this Etsy one goes a step further and adds “The Dark Side” text to your child’s butt.

Get the two-sided Storm Pooper onesie on Etsy for $19.99. Buy it here!

Sphero BB-8 with Force Band


BB-8 was the stand-out droid of last year’s Star Wars movie The Force Awakens. Of the many BB-8 toys and gadgets, Sphero’s is by far the best. This app-controlled robot uses and internal gyroscope to roll around in that distinct BB-8 fashion. Since the robot’s initial release, more functionality has been added to the little guy (one of the benefits of being app controlled) so now he can even watch The Force Awakens with you and make beeping-blooping comments. Also new to BB-8 this year is the Force Band, which allows you to control the droid with arm and hand gestures.

Get BB-8 with a Force Band from Amazon for $166.63. Buy it here!

Han Solo in Carbonite Mini-Fridge


There’s a lot of stuff you can make into Han Solo in Carbonite: soap, chocolate bars, personal massagers…but of all the Han Solo in Carbonite product out there, the most band for your buck has gotta be the Han Solo mini-fridge. It has some red LEDs to give it mood lighting and space to hold 18 cans of soda. The fridge also has a thermos setting that attempts to keep whatever inside warm instead of cooling it down, because Han Solo is not the type of dude to judge what is in another person’s mini-fridge.

Grab a tiny Solo from Think Geek for $159.99. Buy it here!

Luke and Vader Lightsaber Wall Hangers

Lightsabers as toys? Obvious. Lightsabers as lighting? Unrealistic unless pure decoration. Lightsabers as chopsticks? Cute, but whatever. The place you’re not expecting to see a lightsaber is as a coat-hanger. These lightsaber hilts are hefty metal that disguises their attachment to the wall with a burn decal as if both Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker were violently disarmed where-ever something needs hanging.

Get a set of two (one of each hilt) at Think Geek for $24.99. Buy it here!

Chewbacca Hoodie


You know who doesn’t need a jacket when they are on the ice planet of Hoth? Taun Tauns and Chewbacca. And considering we see a Taun Taun freeze to death before being sliced open to hide Luke Skywalker’s injured body, I think empirical evidence suggests Wookie fur is pretty warm. This year, don’t be the person who buys that annoying Chewbacca mask that got “Chewbacca Mom” momentarily famous. Don’t go for the hack gift and get a Taun Taun sleeping bag. Be the person who has worked out the Hoth logic and get someone you care about a Wookie Hoodie. A Woodie….actually, don’t call it that.

Get yer Wookie Hoodie from Amazon for $49.99. Buy it here!

Death Star Fire Pit

I know what you’re thinking: If you’re going to make a fire pit out of anything, wouldn’t it be the Darth Vader funeral pyre? I know you’re thinking that because we’re both morbid people who don’t understand fire pits. Luckily there’s an 85 year old Korean War veteran who knows about metalworking and loves Star Wars. Each one of these Death Star fire pits is custom made and can be as big as 37 inches in diameter, so there’s also going to be some shipping involved, but I suspect none of us have really lived until we roast a marshmallow in the burning husk of the Death Star II.

You’re gonna have to contact the artist on Etsy for pricing, but listed as $1,000+ Buy it here!

Millennium Falcon Replica Key Chain

Not just a hunk of junk but a reliable metalworks piece you’ll be able to find at the bottom of any bag. Or you can completely hang it out of a pocket for that cool guy Han effect. Made from the actual blueprints from the Lucasfilms archives this Millennium Falcom keychain will send anyone’s cred (and style) into hyperdrive.

Get yer Wookie Hoodie from QMx for $12.95. Buy it here!

Rogue One Black Series Action Figures


Okay, real talk. Maybe you have an old school Star Wars fan in your life that is still into those toys. The new Hasbro line of Star Wars action figure and playset merchandise has come a long way from Kenner’s stiff figures. The best of the action figures that you’ll actually want to play with (no busts here, as toys are for fun and busts are for art) is the Hasbro Black Series line, and of the Rogue One waves that have been revealed, these are the two stand-out characters. If you’re into Star Wars toys, I don’t have to be telling you, but if you’re gifting a Star Wars toy, Jyn Erso and the Death Trooper are going to be the two you are physically holding while you watch Rogue One.

Prices will vary wherever action figures are sold, but on Amazon for around $16/each. Buy Jyn here! Buy the Death Trooper here!

Lego Millennium Falcon


There are a lot of Legos that use the Star Wars property, and there have been impressive Lego builds for Star Wars in the past (remember the Super Star Destroyer Lego set?), but even with Rogue One offering up some new twists on classic vehicles, the easiest and best Star Wars Lego set to get your hands on is still The Force Awakens version of the Millennium Falcon. There are other Lego versions of the Falcon, but they either become way too expensive to justify buying or poorly designed. This one, however, is still amazing whenever I get to see a completed build. I can only imagine how much fun it is to actually assemble if you’re a Lego person.

Click those bricks together on Amazon for $119. Buy it here!

Star Wars Patent Prints


Kentucky’s Patent Prints takes white on black “patent style” drawings and makes them prints, pillows, coffee mugs, and the like. If you’re really old school Star Wars geek, they might even give you a ping of nostalgia for the original Star Wars arcade game that used vector graphics. Point being, their collection of Star Wars art makes for some good wall, couch, and/or mug decoration. Specifically, the AT-AT and Imperial Shuttle designs do well because of the Empire’s love of angular objects. The X-Wing, Slave-1, and TIE Fighter designs are sharp as well. There’s even a Max Rebo print that’s cool enough you don’t even think “Hey, ain’t no one can patent Max Rebo.”

Prints for around $8, pillows for around $24, and mugs for around $16 all on Etsy. Buy them here!

Source : http://www.geek.com/culture/star-wars-gifts-1678684/

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