25 Thoughtful And Fun DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Valentine’s day is around the corner and we know that geeks, nerds and techies alike may be clueless in getting gifts for their significant others. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of useful presents to celebrate a special one on the international day of love – February 14.

A month’s supply of food from any food ordering service


While working on their laptops all day, techies have little or no time to cook or even eat. This is a perfect gift for that workaholic partner of yours. It’s a good way to make sure they eat. However, we advise that they should not eat while working.

Vacuum cleaner for laptops


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Techies hang around their laptops a lot, so a dirty keyboard is inevitable. Give your techie bae or boo a clean keyboard for valentine by getting him a USB vacuum cleaner.

Gift Cards


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It is completely normal to be confused about the perfect gift for your partner in this season of love, so why not let him/her choose. Opt for a gift card that can allow your partner choose a gift from different online and physical stores.



Sneakers are a constant part of a techie’s daily ensemble. For the boo who has a collection of really cool sneakers (or not), adding one or two more pairs of sneakers to that collection could be the perfect gift this valentine.

Digital painting


A beautiful work of art is a perfect way to express your undying love. Capture that smile or any memorable feature or event with a digital painting. Trust me, they will always be happy to remember.

A domain name


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How about a website for just the two of you?  You can fill the pages with beautiful words and pictures that express your love and keep building your site as you build your love.

Create a playlist of songs they like


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Feed your partner with carefully selected songs that he/she enjoys. Create a playlist of songs they like and  don’t forget to add songs that mean something to you as a couple as well.

 VR Headsets


How about a gift of an entirely different reality? You can give your partner the virtual reality experience by getting him/her a universally compatible VR headsets. You don’t have to choose from the very expensive VR options, you will find affordable VR headsets on Amazon. Don’t forget the smartphone and app too.

Smart band


A smart band is the perfect gift for a fitness freak. Sophisticated Smart bands not only monitor physical activity levels but can also serve as a fashion accessory. They also come with a lot of other cool features. The Sony SmartBand SWR10  is a good option, with life logging, notification alert and music remote among other features.

E-book Reader


If your partner is an ardent reader then you should consider gifting him/her with a more convenient and robust digital reading experience. E- book readers use monochrome e-Ink screens to display text making them look a lot like paper.

Bedazzled headphones


Does she love to shine? Dazzle the music loving bae in your life with a dazzling headset. Go the extra mile by adding a playlist of her favorite songs

Video games


Dating a gamer? How about gifting your partner wonderful gaming experience? You can have an exciting time at a gaming center or get them a thrilling video game like a PS4 or Nintendo Switch if you can.

Luxury Laptop bag


A luxury laptop bag like this one from diManolo is a perfect gift for your techie partner. It doesn’t have to be a backpack all the time.

Comic reader


If you’re dating a comic-lover, a DVD collection of their favorite comics just might be the perfect gift. You could cuddle up and spend some time watching together for that  romantic touch



Smartphones have become a necessity today and everyone wants a better one. A high-end smartphone is one gift that will be cherished by all. Opt for an iPhone 7, a Google pixel or the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Customized Laptop Cover


If you have an expressive partner, especially one that is closely knitted with his/her laptop, you should consider getting a laptop cover.  It may be one with a logo of his/her favorite football club, a picture of a scene of a favorite movie or something else your partner will consider appealing.

Spa Session


I bet you can feel the stress in your partner’s extremely busy life. Take his/her mind off the computer by enjoying a relaxing spa session together.

 Amazon Echo


Musics lovers will surely appreciate the Amazon echo, a Bluetooth-connected speaker that plays music from Spotify. It also provides a smart home experience with voice activated smart home interfaces.

 Bluetooth Tracker


This gift is perfect for that partner that always loses his/her their stuff.   Phones, wallet, and keys  can be easily tracked with this device that notifies you whenever you exceed a particular distance from them



Drones are the perfect gift for that gadget-lover partner this valentine. They aren’t only fun to fly they could help deliver cute love notes to the one you love.

Onyinye Uche assisted with this article.

Source : https://techpoint.ng/2017/02/10/20-valentine-gifts-for-the-one-you-love/

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