18 Unexpected Must Haves You Should Pack In Your Diaper Bag

Jamielynn: A gallon sized Ziploc bag for blowout outfits after you rinse them out. This has saved me from trashing so many nice outfits!

Courtney: Chopsticks. They mix formula great when you're out of the house all day, without making it too foamy!

Lindsey: Tampons or pads (for mommy!) I got my postpartum period at 4 months & they are so unpredictable after pregnancy!

Tonya: Doggy poop bags. Great for storing a dirty diaper when there isn't an appropriate garbage can around. And they smell nice, so there's that.

Liza: In the first few months, I never left the house without puppy pads. It never failed in those early months that they would have diaper blowouts in the car seat. A [car-seat tech] recommended the pads to help. If they had a blowout, I could clean them up then put a pad down to keep the poo/pee off their clean clothes. I mostly used it beforehand (I knew when poop day was coming and prepared) to keep the car seat clean.

Erica: Lip gloss! Because I always needed a beauty boost in the throes of it all.

Liz: A nail file for myself. When I was nursing my nails would just break, peel, flake, crack so easily, even with vitamins. I used my nail file more than anything.

Michelle: Obviously extra clothes for the kid(s), but I learned to throw an extra shirt in there for me as well!

Marlene: I’ve tried to teach my daughter to keep a small bag of  ‘what ifs' in the diaper bag for her twins: a Ziploc bag with a couple more empty bags in it, a small sewing kit, a roll of duct tape, a small pair of scissors, a small change purse with change and $1 bills. I like to plan, lol.

Vivian: I never forget a spoon, lol. Never know when baby wants a bite!

Julie: Disposable bibs. So I don't have to carry the gross ones around. And plastic adhesive placemats for eating out!

Inés: When they were newborns: clean undies for mommy! Those darn sneezes.

Maria: A travel-size first aid kit with a couple of Band-Aids and a travel pack of tissues.

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18 Unexpected Must-Haves You Should Pack in Your Diaper Bag
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