16 Of The Best Landing Page Design Examples You Need To See In 2017

We've discussed four of the best services for creating landing pages, but they're not your only options. Social media and blogging sites also let you put your best digital foot forward.

If you maintain a Twitter account, for example, you already have a site that hosts your photo and a brief bio. It has a simple URL you can share with other people, options to design the color and look of your page, and tools for sharing links and photos of your work. Because the bio section of your Twitter page is limited, you can supplement it with a pinned tweet that explains who you are or links to your best piece of work. To pin a tweet, find it in your timeline, click the down-pointing arrow in the tweet's top right corner, and choose

Pin to your profile page.

You can also turn to your Facebook profile, although you probably want to create a separate page for your professional self-promotion. This will keep a distance between your public image and the one you share with friends and relatives. As with Twitter, you get some control over the look and feel of your page, and of course, it's easy for people to get in touch with you (as long as they use Facebook). To get started, log into Facebook, click the down-pointing arrow in the very top right of the page, and choose

Create Page.

Beyond social media, you can adapt other free web hosting sites to create a single landing page. Options include Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr. However, none of these are as simple to use as the services we've already mentioned. They might work better as supplements to your landing page, if you end up needing more flexibility or want to expand into regular blogging.

Source : https://www.popsci.com/personal-landing-page

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