15 Best College Graduation Gifts From Parents

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Graduating college is exciting and nerve-wracking, for both the graduate and the family and friends of the graduate. The family and friends have the stress of picking out the perfect gift that the graduate will love and enjoy without the uncomfortable fake joy that comes from opening presents from a great aunt on Christmas.

These are the 15 best college graduation gifts from parents that are sure to put a smile on any graduate’s face. If you’re looking for ideas, look no further because this is comprehensive and spans a variety of categories. Leave the stress to the graduate, who no doubt is panicking about how to file taxes, answer interview questions, or pay their phone bill. These gifts won’t ensure the graduate lands a dream job or become financially stable in an instant, but you’ll look like a hero when you help them along their way.

15 Best College Graduation Gifts From Parents


The average person shells out around $103 for two graduates, according to NRF’s Graduation Spending Survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics. Spending reached an all-time survey high in 2015 at $4.77 billion. Adults aged 45-54 will spend a little extra on graduates at an average of around $127, probably because they have a bit more money and life experience in their pocket to share.

It’s important to give the right kind of gift. It should make the graduate happy but also push them in a direction to improve and grow as an individual. The best college graduation gifts should be fun, yet pragmatic for someone who is entering the world without the cushion of being a student for the first time. This is a difficult adjustment to make, and the right gift can help tremendously.

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15 Best College Graduation Gifts From Parents
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