14 Indians Pilgrims Killed In Stampede In Saudi Arabia

The number of Indians killed in the deadly stampede in Mina during the annual Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia has shot up to 14, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj confirmed today. 13 others are injured and are being treated in hospitals, she added.

The death toll was reported by the Indian consulate in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

The minister said the exact number will be known after confirmation arrives from the Saudi authorities.

Our emergency Nos in Mecca : 00966125458000 00966125496000 Toll free number for pilgrims in Saudi Arabia : 8002477786

— Sushma Swaraj (@SushmaSwaraj) September 24, 2015

A 60-year old woman from Hyderabad, identified as Jaanbibi Majeed, who was killed in the stampede had gone to Mecca on September 2. While another deceased, from Kerala, had gone for the Haj through a privately-sponsored group.

The route taken by pilgrims during the Hajj in Saudi Arabia> The route taken by pilgrims during the Hajj in Saudi Arabia

More than 700 people have been killed in the stampede which occurred when Haj pilgrims jostled their way to perform symbolic stoning of the devil, marking the culmination of the annual pilgrimage in Mecca.  Over 850 were injured, Saudi civil defence said.

Watch: Death Toll in Mecca Stampede Rises To 717, Over 850 Hajj Pilgrims Injured

Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Mansour al-Turki said high temperatures and the fatigue of the pilgrims might also have been factors in Thursday’s disaster, the deadliest event to afflict the hajj pilgrimage in more than two decades.

He says there is no indication that authorities are to blame for the event, saying “unfortunately, these incidents happen in a moment.” Al-Turki says King Salman has ordered the creation of committee to investigate the incident.

Two weeks ago, Mecca was ravaged by a crane collapse that resulted in the death of 111 people and injuries to more than 350 others. Saudi authorities announced that the results of investigation into the incident will be referred to the king, Sabq Online reported. No information has been revealed about the reason behind the collapse of the crane, reportedly the largest in the world.

Some 2 million people take part in the annual hajj pilgrimage, which all able-bodied Muslims are required to undertake at least once in their lives.

Following is the list of Indians killed in the Haj stampede in Saudi Arabia on Thursday.

> Shamshudeen Mohamad Ebrahim (Tamil Nadu).

> Mohideen Pitchal (Tamil Nadu).

> Mohammad Rustam Ali (Jharkhand).

> Nizaul Haque (Jharkhand) – Volunteer.

> Saleem Yousuf Shaikh (Maharashtra).

> Mohammad Hanief Hasan (Gujarat).

> Mohammad Madinabibi (Gujarat).

> Diwan Ayubsha Bafaisah (Gujarat).

> Diwan Jubedabibi Aiyubsha (Gujarat).

> Soda Rehmat Qasam (Gujarat).

> Betara Fatmaben Karim (Gujarat).

> Bolim Havbai Ishak (Gujarat).

> Nagori Johrabibi (Gujarat).

> Nagori Rukhsana Mohammad Ishak (Gujarat).

Thirteen other pilgrims are injured and admitted in various hospitals in Makkah and surrounding areas.

Following are Emergency Nos in Mecca: 00966125458000, 00966125496000. Toll free number for pilgrims in Saudi Arabia : 8002477786.

(with inputs from Reuters)

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