'It's Sad.' Melania Trump's Office Pushes Back After Footwear Controversy

Melania Trump’s office is pushing back after the first lady ignited some controversy by emerging for her visit to hurricane-stricken Texas in a pair of stiletto heels.

“It’s sad that we have an active and ongoing natural disaster in Texas, and people are worried about her shoes,” the First Lady’s spokesperson told Fortune.

The First Lady and her husband are in Texas for the day, touring the Emergency Operations Center in Austin and participating in a briefing on Hurricane Harvey, which officials said has killed nine people.

The First Lady did step off of Air Force one in Texas wearing running shoes. But the image of the First Lady in stiletto heels as she walked to Air Force One had already made the rounds on social media, with some opining about the optics of wearing expensive footwear to visit a state ravaged by the worst flooding in its history.

I wouldn't normally comment on Melania's shoes but I'm not sure if this is what you wear to go meet ppl who've lost all of their belongings https://t.co/TP3YYgPIwj

— Zerlina Maxwell (@ZerlinaMaxwell) August 29, 2017

When visiting a flood site, make sure you wear sensible shoes pic.twitter.com/aDO3TBtkB8

— Roland Scahill (@rolandscahill) August 29, 2017

Melania taking off for Houston on AF1...in stilettos.

— Chelsea Handler (@chelseahandler) August 29, 2017

But those commenting on her choice of shoes also faced criticism on social media for caring about her footwear and overlooking the point of her visit.

Try to avoid politics, but some are ripping Melania Trump's choice of shoes for Texas trip? Good grief.

— Jeff Potrykus (@jaypo1961) August 29, 2017

There's a ton of legitimate shit worthy of outrage right now. The shoes that Melania Trump wears on a flight to Texas isn't one of them.

— Lauren Rankin (@laurenarankin) August 29, 2017

If you're tweeting about Melania's choice of shoes in Houston, add this link to help save some animals https://t.co/umFdw614iQ

— Robin Sloan Bechtel (@robinbechtel) August 29, 2017

Trump issued a statement about her desire to offer assistance the victims of the hurricane Tuesday evening. “I want to be able to offer my help and support in the most productive way possible, not through just words, but also action,” she said. “What I found to be the most profound during the visit was not only the strength and resilience of the people of Texas, but the compassion and sense of community that has taken over the State.”

Source : https://finance.yahoo.com/news/apos-apos-sad-apos-melania-194800388.html

'It's Sad.' Melania Trump's Office Pushes Back After Footwear Controversy
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