“Freedom Of Speech” Does Not And Should Not Mean “Freedom For Violence”.

Reports following a rally at the Sacramento Capital indicate ten people were wounded – two with life-threatening injuries.

A rally held at the Sacramento Capital by a group Calling themselves “Traditionalist Worker Party” A group which many described as a neo-Nazi group with links to white supremacy and far-right causes.

Over 400 counter-protesters clashed with about 30 members of a white nationalist group, who planned to rally outside the California state Capitol building.

In the clashes 10 were injured, many who were stabbed as events spun out of control.

The facts are that either counter-demonstrators attacked the nationalists or the demonstrators intentionally provoked violence.

Sacramento Fire Department spokesman Chris Harvey stated that "it was unclear at this time how much of this was planned and how much of it was a sudden reaction to what was going on,"

Without expressing support for either side – the TWP or counter protestors. It is necessary to question the intent and purposes and intent of both sides!

While it may have been the intent of the TWP to provoke a reaction and to attract attention to their cause. Regardless of the Hate or Racism. How productive and beneficial was the violence to the cause “Love not Hate” message of counter protestors.

If the statement by counter-demonstrator Robert Bautista has any value “some opposing the rally hurled water bottles and wooden stakes used for signs at the rally participants”.

Then should we not ask why these protestors played into the hands of the Rally organizers?

It is apparent that the TWP group will now be able to use this event and the violence to recruit more members – specifically those who are border line and share some of their concerns!  

Bautista said: "They beat the heck out of a couple guys, you could see their adrenaline was running high."

How many of you agree this will be the call to rally new members for TWP?

Interestingly Brian Levin, director - Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University San Bernardino, blames the nationalists themselves, saying they knew they were walking into a violent trap, but said there were bad actors on both sides.

Levin has commented: "Make no mistake – I think the hatemongers wanted to have this violence take place, and some of the anti-fascists very much wanted to have a violent confrontation."


Who got the better out of this event?


Because, if they expected and planned to secure the violent reaction to their rally, Then they got their wishes granted!

They now have the tools and material they need to spread their propaganda further, farther and wider!

Equally – What did the protestors get?

Fact is they demonstrated a greater amount of intolerance than the intolerance of the people they protested! In addition the violence served what purpose?

Accepting the possibility that the TWP may have, expected the violence or even instigated it. The fact that Bautista is proud of having

“beaten the heck out of couple of guys”

speaks volumes about the counter protestors!

When you have over 400 counter protestors to 30-40 holding a rally. The sheer numbers would speak loud and clear, if you let them!

The work of Law enforcement would be much easier keeping the peace if the peaceful protestors had been peaceful!

Levin’s statement that there are

“Bad Actors”

on both sides. Is a clear indication that those who intend to protest

“Hate mongers” Then need to self-police themselves to ensure they are not aiding those who they protest.

While it has become a common rallying call for those who protest Presidential candidate Donald Trump with claims that he is a Hate monger or a racist, etc. The violence at the Donald Trump rallies does not bode well for the protestors either!

The recent attacks and violence against Trump Rally attendees does not serve the protestors or their cause well!

Because the appearance is that these protestors are actually perpetuating greater hate than those they protest. While it may be accepted that Trump has attracted some “TWP” minded folks to his rallies. Not all Trump Supporters are racists or hate mongers!

The real fact is a majority question the policies of the current administration, when it comes blatant efforts to detract or censor reports. Specific example – Orlando Terrorist and his allegiance to ISIS, his propaganda or rants!

We all know, the First Amendment grants freedom of speech and yes we are responsible for our speech and we should exercise responsibility when we speak. That responsibility must be exercised by both those who express concerns or raise issues and also by those who stand to protest or counter.

A point to note! Our Constitution grants “Freedom of Speech” but it does not grant “Freedom for Violence”.

Source : https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/freedom-speech-does-should-mean-violence-inderjit-singh-kallirai

“Freedom of Speech” does not and should not mean “Freedom for Violence”.
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