‘A Recipe For Disaster’: Urban Growth Fuels Deadly California Wildfires That Challenge Traditional Firefighting Tactics

Stornetta and his crew were fighting back the flames at Woodley Place, a line of modest houses surrounded on three sides by wooded hills. The prevalence of this kind of development — a low-density combination of homes and wild vegetation — has increased in California in recent years, said Jonathan Cox, battalion chief and spokesman for Cal Fire. Called “Wildland-Urban Interface,” or “intermix” in firefighter parlance, these environments are among the factors that have made the Tubbs fire in Sonoma and Atlas fire in Napa so difficult to contain — along with five years of brutal drought, powerful winds and resources stretched thin from simultaneous fires around the state.

Source : http://www.santafenewmexican.com/news/battling-a-once-in-a-career-fire/article_a3548c6b-2758-51ab-9680-f04499f70d38.html

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